A List of Murals by Carl Homstad



      Sumner City Park, 24‘x120’. On the theater, on the main street.


      Manchester Community Mural, 12‘x83’, 2015. At the main intersection in downtown.


     Welcome to Britt, 12”x80”, 2013. On the main street facing north, across from First State Bank.


    Norway Baseball, 20”x10”, 2013. Across from the Iowa Baseball Museum on a grain elevator on the main street.


    The Delta Queen. 40'x20', 2012. Just off  South River Park Drive, on Herder Street.


    Marshalltown, circa 1920. 30'x150', 2011. On Main Street just east of the court house. On the side and back of Zeno's Pizza.

Sac City

      Sac City, Chautauqua Build. 14'x80', 2007. On Hyway 20 east edge of town.


      Osceola, Then and Now 14'x80', 2007. Downtown.


      Newton Castle, 16'x60',2009, one half block east of the square on the main street.

      Newton Printshop, 20'x30',2005, two blocks east of the square on the main street.

      Newton Stores, 12'x50',2005, on the west side of the building on the NW corner of square .

      Race Car, 10'x12',2005, one block north of the NW corner of square on Apples of Gold.

      VFW, Flag, 16'x35',2005, two blocks west of the square on the main street.

      Newton Farm Scene, 30'x135',2004, one block east of the square on the main street.

     Welcome to Newton, 36'x82',2003, one block west of the square on the main street.


      Hotel Pattee Woodworkers Room #315, 12"x62', 2002


      Blue Grass Palace 12'x24', 2002, on the YMCA


      Chamber Mural, 11‘x15’, 2014, On The Chamber of Commerce, Water Street, and across fromVesterheim.

      Nordic Fest Parade, 10‘x115’, 2013, On Kepharts music store, and across from Decorah Bank and Trust.     

      Windows, six, three on each side of the tallest building on Water street. 2006.

      Threshing Scene, 70'x18', 2000, On the Senior Center, River and Frances Streets

      The Garden, 7'x14', 2000, In the Hotel Winneshiek

      The Iowa Countryside, 12'x60', 1999, Water St. and Mechanic, by Cafe Delux

      Water and Winnebago, Circa 1898, 15'x31', 1994

      Water Street Circa. 1888, 8'x20', 1988, Water St. and Mechanic St

      RC 10 Health Club, Whirlpools and Weight room, 1987 and 1991


       Spillville, circa 1882, 60'x20', 1992, downtown on bank.

       Bily Brothers, 10'x10", 1992, on Valley Motors, south end of town.

       Dvorac by the Turkey River, 10'x20' ,1992 same as Bily Bros.


       The Depot 14,40', 1990, on highway 150 north of the tracks.

       The Gazebo, 14'x20', 1990, highway 150 and 24.


       Main Street circa 1915, 20'x60', 1993

       farm scene, 4'x10',1994, back of sign at retirement home, Main St.


       The Circus Parade, 10'x20', 1990, north end of main st.


        Welcome Sign, 8'x16', 1991, west side of town.


        Minne Estema , 42'x52', 1995, at the main intersection.


        Patchwork of Time, 6'x24', 1986, Inside the Colonial Manor Retirement Home Rec. room.


        View of Waterloo, 40'x80,20'x100,40'x80', 1984, on 4th st just east of the River


        Senior High School Auditorium, 14'x40', 1991


        Grant Wood Memorial Mural, 11'x28',1991, off Main St.

Maquoketa Caves State Park

       The Development of Caves, 4'x8',1984, visitor's center.


         Eagle Point Nature Center, 8'x32',1982, in the barn.


        Steamboats 'a Coming, circa 1890,12'x112', 1985, repainted 2011, by a parking lot one block west of the main st.

Saint Ansgar,

        Old Main Street circa 1920, 20'x24'1996.

Forrest City

        The Balloon Ride, 20'x16'.,1986. In the Dept. of Human Services School for the


Fort Dodge

       4H Mural,8'x60',1989, in a building at the fairgrounds.

       Sumner Heman Mural, 15'x60', 1995, downtown.

       Duncombe Hotel, 10'x20',1996. West of downtown.


       View of Jefferson. 36'x133',1978, repainted 2000, off the S.E. corner of the square.

       Elk's Club Mural, 24'x200',1997. On the Elks Club one block S.W. of the square.

       The Depot, 12'x40', 1998. On the east edge of town.


       The Coming of the Pioneers, 24'x110',1990. Next to the Safeway store.

Charter Oak

       The Charter Oak, 20'x40',12'x12',12'x56'. 1989. On the main st.


La Crosse

       The Riverboat, 12'x23', 1987. On Kvein's Plumbing on West St.


Spring Grove

        Welcome to Spring Grove, 33‘x21’, 2015 on Northern Engraving at East side of town.

        Bluff Country Gallery Windows, 2 x 4”x’8”, 2016. Fake windows on Gallery

        Winter, circa1820, 8'x16',1985.On community center, north side of town.

        Spring, circa1860, 8'x16',1985. Along the main st.

        Summer, circa1890, 8'x16',1985. Along the main st.

        Fall, circa1904, 8'x20',1985. Along the main st.


        Nature Center signs signs, 8'x12', 1991. on the East and West ends of town.



       Downtown circa 1940. 107'x23',2000, at the main intersection downtown